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Friday, January 18, 2008

Pocket Informant 8 Review

Pocket Informant 8Pocket Informant 8 (Click for screenshots)  is a calendar and scheduler that delivers a new standard in ease of use for your square screen mobile device. That's not an exaggeration, it's really true.

Pocket Informant was the original full PIM (Personal Information Manager) for Windows Mobile in 2000 and with version 8 Smartphones are now supported fully. It doesn't merely let you work with your daily events via lists and grids, but with the new Events and Journal views you're able to consider your life's past and future in an easy, comfortable and cohesive environment.

Pocket Informant immensely improves and adds to the functionality of Pocket Outlook. It easily matches and surpasses the features of desktop Outlook and at the same time it keeps complete and rigid compatibility with Outlook.



    - Smartphone version - Same codebase for SP and PPC
    - Fully one handed interface
    - New! Events View lets you track tasks and appointments as they come
    - New! Journal View gives you both dated and parent groupings of all journals
    - Roles based UI lets you scale the featureset from a basic "Pocket Outlook with Benefits", to "Task" and "Appointment" focused modes as well as a power user mode
    - Contact links/Phone numbers in the subject of appointments/tasks
    - Franklin Covey Goals, Mission, and Compass/Roles added
    - Completely redesigned settings
    - Month View has a new FilmStrip mode
    - Smooth Scrolling and Touch modes
    - Touch A-Z side bar in Contacts
    Many other new features and improvements

Minimum Requirements:

Pocket PC 2003/2003SE/5.0/6 with a 32MB RAM device minimum


If a developer listened for years to all the suggestions registered users had about what an effective personal information manager would be like you might wind up with something like Pocket Informant 8.

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