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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Are these products really 100% compatible with the Treo 700w?

Yes, to the best of my knowledge all the software listed here
is totally compatible with the Treo 700w.

All commercial products, except where stated otherwise, have
been confirmed by the developers themeselves. If you look on the
product listings on the product website, you should see a
reference to compatibility...Square screen, Treo 700w, WM5, etc.

In order to be listed on this blog, the software has to show
evidence that it is compatible with square screens and WM5.
The evidence can be provided either by the developers or through
tests by Treo 700w users. (continued...)

In some cases, compatibility has been determined by direct
testing of the product by myself or another Treo 700w user.

This is necessary because lots of product is fully compatible
with the Treo 700w but for some reason the developers have not
mentioned the Treo 700w in their listing. This is a big
over-sight in my opinion and this blog is an attempt to
correct this problem.

Free software has mostly been confirmed by actual testing by
users and is sometimes listed by the developers as well.

Software listed here, is not necessarily a recommendation of
of the product by the author but is for information purposes

Be sure to try the software first before purchasing it. Not for
compatibility, but mainly to be sure the software lives up to
your expectations.

If you should have any compatibility problems, please report
them using the information on the Contact page.

Why did you start the list?

Finding quality software that fit the Treo 700w's square screen
and worked with WM5 was a problem for me so I had to do a lot
of investigating to find compatible apps for my own device.
It was as a real chore.

It became a daily ritual to search for new compatible software,
so since I was compiling a list for myself, I decided to
share it with other Treo 700w users.

What is the purpose of the email list?

It's an easy way for busy folks to stay abreast of what's
new in Treo 700w software without having to visit the blog.

The email list is a weekly synopis of software that has been
added to the blog during the previous week.

Your email address is confidential and will not be shared
with anyone.

Most of the links go to What's the reason for that?

PocketGear maintains a large database of Pocket PC software and is
a useful tool for finding Treo 700w compatible software.

I use their site daily (among others) to find software and download
trials for testing purposes. I also use their descriptions to create
content for each product.

So it only seems fair that the product links point back to their website.

Also, as a developer who has sold lots of my own products with them, I can truthfully say that these are good people to deal with. It's also where
I shop for my own software.

Is money being made off the blog?

Yes, the blog makes a small percentage if someone buys anything using the
links on this website.

No one's getting rich by any means and anything purchased here also benefits
the software developers directly so that they will keep making quality Treo 700w software.

Profits from the blog are spent on making the blog a more interesting and useful place to be for Treo 700w users. The more purchases visitors make, the better the blog can become.

There's no extra cost to the user and if you visit the "Special Offers" page frequently enough, you may be able to get your purchase at a considerable discount.

After testing the software yourself, if you make a decision to buy the software, why not consider using the links on the blog and in the newsletter to make your purchases?

BUT -- only buy here if you agree that the blog has been a useful resource and in your mind has earned it.

It helps support the blog and developers directly and I want to thank
those of you who have already made it a point to buy your software here.