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Friday, January 15, 2010

240x240 Applications

240x240 Applications

Looking for square screen apps and games? You've found the best place.

Scroll down and have a look through the extensive collection of tested Pocket PC software for Windows Mobile.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Pocket Informant 8 Review

Pocket Informant 8Pocket Informant 8 (Click for screenshots)  is a calendar and scheduler that delivers a new standard in ease of use for your square screen mobile device. That's not an exaggeration, it's really true.

Pocket Informant was the original full PIM (Personal Information Manager) for Windows Mobile in 2000 and with version 8 Smartphones are now supported fully. It doesn't merely let you work with your daily events via lists and grids, but with the new Events and Journal views you're able to consider your life's past and future in an easy, comfortable and cohesive environment.

Pocket Informant immensely improves and adds to the functionality of Pocket Outlook. It easily matches and surpasses the features of desktop Outlook and at the same time it keeps complete and rigid compatibility with Outlook.



    - Smartphone version - Same codebase for SP and PPC
    - Fully one handed interface
    - New! Events View lets you track tasks and appointments as they come
    - New! Journal View gives you both dated and parent groupings of all journals
    - Roles based UI lets you scale the featureset from a basic "Pocket Outlook with Benefits", to "Task" and "Appointment" focused modes as well as a power user mode
    - Contact links/Phone numbers in the subject of appointments/tasks
    - Franklin Covey Goals, Mission, and Compass/Roles added
    - Completely redesigned settings
    - Month View has a new FilmStrip mode
    - Smooth Scrolling and Touch modes
    - Touch A-Z side bar in Contacts
    Many other new features and improvements

Minimum Requirements:

Pocket PC 2003/2003SE/5.0/6 with a 32MB RAM device minimum


If a developer listened for years to all the suggestions registered users had about what an effective personal information manager would be like you might wind up with something like Pocket Informant 8.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Free Reuters News Service

International news agency Reuters has launched Reuters Mobile Video, where you can view video clips of the latest news on your mobile phone.(continued...)
At the moment they are supporting only Symbian/Nokia and Windows Mobile phones. This should include the Treo 700w/wx and Treo 750 series smartphones. Reuters Mobile Video offers 3 formats :
- 3GP
- RM (real media)

The service is currently free.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Treo 700 Software Update

Treo 700 EnthusiastThis website was built to help you solve the
Treo 700w "240x240 Dilema".

As a new Treo 700w user myself, I wanted to have a one-stop resource at my fingertips that could help me quickly locate and evaluate quality sofware that fit and worked well on my 240x240, WM5 PDA. None was available so I decided to build this list and make it available to all Treo 700w users online.

When it comes to Treo 700w software, this site has gone all out to provide you with a full, Updated List of compatible products and informed opinions supported by a combination of well researched information and, in most cases, actual use of the product.

My aim in creating this site is to save you time, money and effort in your search for the best performing, Treo 700w compatible software.

My sincere hope is that this resource will help those who genuinely want to become informed Treo 700w shoppers.

Even though the list is very long and may be a little confusing at the moment, over time I will organize it better so that you can find what you're looking for more easily. My Rants and Raves reviews will help you weed out the bad products from the good and eliminate the stuff that simply does not perform well on the Treo 700w.

For even greater convenience, join the email list and receive an update in your inbox each week that features a synopsis of all the latest software added to the blog during the previous week.

As of today, this website lists 269 Commercial Software Programs including games and applications for your Treo 700w and other square screen, WM5.0 PDA's.

Additionally, it has 19 Free Software Programs and we hope that you will contribute your own verified links to make the list of Free Treo 700w software grow large over time.

All commercial software listed on this website has been confirmed by the software developers themselves as being Treo 700w, square screen compatible. If you check their product listings, you should see a reference to that fact. Otherwise, we have confirmed it by other means.

All freeware software is user tested. We also test it before posting it here.

We're working hard to make this the most comprehensive and reliable list on the Internet. So if you know of any software not listed here that you have verified works on the Treo 700w or other square screen device that you'd like to see included here or if you've had screen compatibility issues with any of this software, visit the Contact Page and send me an email.

Any software you purchase as a result of clicking on the links on this website benefits the software developer and contributes to the continued development and maintenance of the list. If you find this website worthy and would like to see it grow, please consider using the links presented here to buy the product.

Visit this spot daily to find out what's new for you to do with your Treo 700w.

Recent Additions:
Products listed here have recently
been found to work correctly on
the Treo 700w

Acquasys RetroActive 1.4
More Details
Acquasys RetroActive is an innovative journal/diary
application that synchronizes data with Outlook Journal
and, among many other features.
--Tested by Steve

Cake Press 1.0
More Details
Cake Press is a new multiplayer tetris-style
arcade game for mobile devices which requires
Bluethooth connection for real-time play with
several players! --Tested by Steve

PocketBowling 2.3
More Details
The PocketBowling game is similar to Bowling,
one of the most popular and classical games.
Different function modes (Stroke, Arcade and Swing)
enable you to enjoy the true physical laws when
throwing the ball. --Tested by Steve

SKY FORCE Reloaded 1.0
More Details
Ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive
objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack .
If you like shooters like I do, don't miss this remake
of the original Sky Force. It's challenging and fun.
--Tested by Steve

NetFront v3.3 with JV-Lite2
More Details
Microbrowser NetFront v3.3 supports rich
functions such as Smart Frame Operation,
Web Data/Password Manager,RSS/Atom Feed
support and Multi-Window. Java applets
run with JV-Lite2 VM as Java plug-in.
--Tested by Steve

InterKey Standard 2.0
More Details
60 national onscreen keyboard layouts
--Tested by Steve

Join the email list and stay informed about recent additions
each week!


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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

XCPUScalar -- Treo 700 Software Review

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom...

The need for speed is not just for automotive racing fans.

Your Treo 700w is a highly connected, multimedia device and as such the ability to watch streamed videos or play games makes it one of the best reasons to buy one in the first place.

Alas, these tasks have a cost on your battery life and you may not be taking full advantage of your 700's processor to operate at it's peak performance which can make your device feel sluggish.

Even if you're not a power user, your CPU may be draining your battery unnecessarily. This could set up a situation where you drop or miss calls on your phone. (continued...)

Fortunately, the XCPUScalar utility software by ImmierSoft can allow
you to overcome these limitations and make your Treo 700 operate
at optimum efficiency.

Your Treo 700w runs on an Intel® XScale 312MHz processor and has a
240x240 square screen display. Version 2.93 of XCPUScalar supports
this configuration and will increase performance up to 30-35 percent.

System Requirements:

- Treo 700w running WM 5.0

**Note: (This utility runs on many devices. Not just Treo 700's)

Program Features:

- Auto Scaling to assign speeds to different CPU loads
- Speed can be scaled from 100 to 728MHZ
- Auto Start on Soft Resets
- Today Screen system tray support
- Sticky Settings
- Hardware KeyLock
- Display Toggle
- Power Off and Soft Reset
- Launch from Anywhere
- Stealth Mode
- Task manager integration

The default tab when starting XCPUScalar is Speed.

This is where you can determine the speed at which your PDA should run or select Auto Scale. The Advanced tab is where you set the Auto Scale levels.

Auto-Scale adjusts the performance of your Treo 700 depending on the
demand being placed on your XScale processor. This setting will work
for most users but you should experiment with the settings manually to see which combination works best for your type of use.

I was able to achieve around 40-50 minutes extra battery life per
day. This could be a crucial saving for users relying on their phones.

Of course, how much increase in battery life you will actually
attain will vary from person to person depending on what
software you're running and how much time you spend talking on the Treo 700 phone.

Even if you're not a power user most of the time, setting the
performance lower will save your batteries significantly.

It's a trade-off between speed and battery life that XCPUScalar helps you to balance in an effective and practical way.

Noteworthy Features:

- taskBar CPU Meter displays your current speed and CPU usage percentile to keep you aware of processor workload

- the ability to modify the CPU usage range in 5% increments to finetune your 700.

- meters tab displays the current CPU Meter, Battery Life, and Memory (Storage and Program). Gives you a better overall view of your device status.


- Increased speed OR
- Increased battery life
- User customizable options
- Great support
- $17.95 price is more than fair for what the product offers


- manufacturers may have warranty issues with XCPUScalar
- drop down menus are a little small

Overall Impression:

I've been running XCPUScalar on several devices since version 2.5 and have had nothing but good things to report about it since that time.

If you're a power Treo 700 user looking to save time and speed up your
device, you should consider buying the XCPUScalar utility software by

Your videos, games and other multimedia software will speed up
dramatically with this application and your battery life will improve
significantly at times when the load on your CPU is not as demanding.

A Free Trial download and more information are available at: PocketGear

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Treo 700 -- The 240x240 Dilema

Many Pocket PC phones nowadays have 240x240 resolution because Windows Mobile 5.0
doesn't support 320x320 resolution and the next square screen resolution supported is 480x480. However when it comes to prices of touch screens, the screens with 480x480 are too expensive, so Pocket PC phone manufacturers, who wanted to use square resolution in order to accommodate a QWERTY keyboard, were forced into 240x240.

Examples of devices sporting the square screens are the Treo 700, HP iPaq HW6515, HW6715, HW 6900 and Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX T830 Pocket PC phones. Look for some
others later in the year.

When regular Pocket PC applications and games are run, the square screens cut off the information below the 240 pixel mark. Sometimes, they do scroll but often that's not the case which means that about 25 percent of the display is missing.

The only real solution to this problem is to have software that is designed to accomodate the 240x240 resolution.

Developers have begun to rework existing games and applications to work on square screen devices but a convenient list of what's currently available is a little difficult to come by.

So, I decided to create an article to hopefully help a few folks out that will be buying these units this year.

The Treo 700w in particular promises to bring many new Pocket PC users into the fold. This article will hopefully guide many of them to what's available.

The list is by no means comprehensive and I'll be adding to it as the year progresses.


1) In order to make this post more readable,URL's have been shortened using the
Metamark URL shortner at:
2) Descriptions and URL's are courtesy of, a site I visit often.
3) Inclusion in this list is not an endorsment of the product by the author. See individual reviews for products personally tested and recommended.

Treo 700w Applications

For the most recent additions visit the Updated Listings.

PIEPlus 2.0
More Details
PIEPlus adds extreme power to Pocket Internet Explorer.
It has lots of features like optimizing web page to
fit in screen and more. - Tested by Tom

Quick Notes Today 1.5.5c
More Details
Notes in your own handwriting. Note directly on today-screen.
Note phone numbers, shopping-lists, meetings, date etc.
Easy notes without ever starting any program.
- Tested by Steve

Go Mobile 2.0.0
More Details
Enjoy the addictive classic Asian board game of Go.
With automatic game saves, play whenever you desire,
pick up from where you left off. Endless replay-ability.
- Tested by Steve

Calculator Mobile, by Orneta 2.0.0
More Details
Simple and easy to use scientific calculator for
Windows Mobile Pocket PC, use at work or home. No
need for a handheld calculator. - Tested by Steve

AudioBay Podcasting 1.0.1
More Details
Everything you need to create and publish a podcast
right from your Treo 700w - Tested by Matt

Explorer Mobile, by Orneta 1.0.0
More Details
Explorer Mobile is a simple and fast file manager for
Windows Mobile-based devices. - Tested by Steve

Reader Mobile, by Orneta 2.0.0
More Details
Employing a revolutionary feature to make Adobe PDF documents
readable on small screen devices, Reader Mobile re-formats the
PDF document to fit the size of your devices screen.
- Tested by Steve

GPS - IntelliGolf Eagle edition 8.0
More Details
View distances and track shots from tee-to-green with GPS accuracy.
Automate golf scoring and wagering. Evaluate performance statistics
and graphs for an unlimited number of rounds, players and courses.
Approximate your handicap. Keep caddie-style notes.

phoneAlarm Lite 1.52
More Details
A complete, simple communication center. Never overlook a
missed call, voicemail, Email or SMS again. Plus 7 powerful
Phone profiles to control all your important settings
- Tested by Steve

TreoAlarm 1.00
More Details
This is a simple Alarm Clock that will wake you up when you
have to. There is a snooze feature as well, along with the
ability to use custom alarm sounds (.mp3) and tones.

Photo Contacts PRO 4.01
More Details
Photo Contacts PRO is the premier contact, distinctive Ringtone
and Business Photo Caller ID manager, Phone Profiles, Call Filtering

Agenda Fusion 8.0
More Details
Manage your life better with Agenda Fusion 8 for your Treo 700w.
Professional management of your time, contacts, tasks and notes.
- Tested by Matt

calcPad 1.7
More Details
The new Business Pocket Calculator for your Treo 700w.
Save, comment and change your calculations afterwards.
- Tested by Steve

Journal Bar 3.5.4
More Details
Get the latest Weather, News, Stocks, Movie times & reviews,
TV listings & Sports Scores on your today screen - Tested by Steve

Pocket Earth 3.4
More Details
3D earth with GPS, cities, real-time weather, population,
time, colorful maps, sun and moon info -- Tested by Steve

Data On The Run 4.08
More Details
Easy to use database, uses Pocket Access files and
can be synchronized with Access.

Direct Assist
More Details
Looking for a phone number? Well here is the easiest way
to find that number using your Windows mobile device.
-- Tested by Sam

Kai's Signature .Net 1.1
More Details
Create your own signature for use in other programs on
Pocket PC or Desktop PC.

SKTools 2.3.34
More Details
Powerfull maintenance tool. Cleaning registry and file system,
databases maintenance, system backup/restore and much more...
-- Tested by Steve

MyHealthRegistry 1.03
More Details
Track all your health and medical records (and of your family or
patients too!) in one application and provide accurate information
to health care providers instantly.

Spb GPRS Monitor 2.4.3
More Details
Spb GPRS Monitor is a complete solution for measuring the amounts
of data transfers via your GPRS, CDMA or GSM network connection
and calculating network usage costs. Spb GPRS Monitor watches
all data transfers you perform and calculates the cost of your GPRS
usage taking into account your service plan details such as inclusive
data amount, data block size, etc. -- Tested by Steve

True Toolbar v2.7.0
More Details
Desktop style application manager with a multiple windows launcher.
It is NOT a "Today" plug-in. Program will not consume your valuable
screen space or processor power. -- Tested by Steve

Pocket Mechanic Professional 2.00
More Details
Optimize your device and storage for peak performance,
clean up system junk and free up precious memory occupied
by unwanted files and OS objects, maintain the system
integrity and prevent possible problems, ensure your privacy
and protect your investments in storage cards and mobile
device hardware by using a simple and descriptive user
interface with a robust arsenal of powerful Pocket PC
maintenance tools

ViewCommander Mobile Ver 4
More Details
View Commander-Mobile enables you to remotely view video from
IP network cameras using a Pocket PC or Smartphone. Control
Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera functions with ViewCommander's built-in
control panel. -- Tested by Steve

Nursing Central 2.1
More Details
A premier collection of disease, drug, test, procedure, and
literature information for nursing. Includes access on PDA,
Web & wireless devices via Unbound's platform. -- Tested by Matt

Pocket Alarm 1.2
More Details
This program will help you to wake up when you have to. Pocket Alarm
has functionality of usual alarm clock with some nice extra functions.

Opera 8.60 Browser
More Details
The Opera 8.60 mobile Web browser for Windows Mobile is designed
with speed and ease-of-use in mind. Small screen rendering means
you can surf regular web pages without side-scrolling. Opera will
render them to fit your 240x240 screen correctly. Tabbed browsing
included. -- Tested by Steve

GPSmeter Standard Edition 3.3
More Details
With MASPware GPSmeter you can measure short and long distances
(beeline or routelength) using an internal or external GPS receiver.

GPSmeter Professional Edition 3.1
More Details
With MASPware GPSmeter you can measure short and long distances
(beeline or routelength), altitude differences, timespans,
average values and min-max-values using an internal or external
GPS receiver. Whether measuring you golf drives or the route length
to your work, everythings no problem! -- Tested by Steve

Abidia Wireless 3.0.2
More Details
Treo 700w Wireless eBay Auction Manager
Abidia Wireless enhances the eBay and international eBay sites
with effortless, anytime, anywhere, access via wireless handheld
and mobile phone devices featuring customizable real-time
synchronization with an eBay auction account, wireless searching,
cached browsing, wireless bidding, and the ability to effortlessly
manage auction listings on-the-go, anywhere you are, everywhere
you need-- Tested by Steve

Pocket Real Estate 4.0
More Details
This program allows any Real Estate Agent to maintain a complete
database of property listings, seller's information, buyer/tenant,
selling price/rental, buyer's budget, property features etc.
Prospective Buyer can be tracked by their Budget and their requirements
in the Smart Phone Database. Get rid of all the papers from your inspection
of the Property and now you can just 'tap' and 'click' on any button
on the Phone for speedy input. Loan Calculator with three functions
is also included in this system, so you don't need another device to carry.
It's all in one.

z2 Remote2PC 1.2
More Details
From the author of PocketLAN. Dedicated design for mobile devices.
Fast remote control of your PC securely. Multi-tasking resumable
file transfer with wildcard filter. 360' rotation, 6-level smooth zoom.

PocketKeeper 3.0
More Details
Manage daily out-of-pocket expenses with multiple accounts
different currencies, intuitive register, customizable categories,
budget, multiple report charts, password protection.

PocketBirthday 1.2
More Details
PocketBirthday is the Events manager program, which links Events
such as birthdays, anniversaries and other important events and
dates with the Contacts in your Outlook address book.

MySportTraining Polar 1.50
More Details
Download workouts from your Polar® S-series heart rate monitors
right into your PocketPC using this extension to the award-winning
MySportTraining for PocketPC.

Sales Everywhere CRM 2.5.2 beta
More Details
Sales Everywhere CRM is a Sales Automation system for Pocket PC.
Manage accounts, contacts, actions, products, sales deals and
view sales forecasting on your mobile device.

Inesoft Address Book 1.62
More Details
Inesoft Address Book the most convenient way to manage contacts
on WM5 devices. Phone Edition device owners will enjoy Caller ID
function that allows easy managing phone functions, switching between
profiles, and displays caller's name and photo with a customized
Ring Tone. -- Tested by Steve

Phraze-It 1.0
More Details
Phraze-It® is a new, full-featured soft keyboard with large keys and
roomy display area for finger-typing and editing on large keys on
the touch screen of your Pocket PC. -- Tested by Steve

TrackyLite 1.4.2
More Details
Tracky is a navigation utility for many outdoor activities. You have
full insight in where you were, where you are, and how to get where
you'd like to be. This is the "Lite" Edition -- Tested by Steve

TrackyPro 1.4.2
More Details
Tracky is a navigation utility for many outdoor activities, like hiking,
(mountain)biking, skiing, driving, sailing, and even golf, city trips,
and geo-caching. You have full insight into where you were, where you are,
and how to get where you'd like to be. This is the "Pro" Edition with
"Pro" features. -- Tested by Steve

Ulti-Planner 3.0
More Details
Ulti-Planner is a Complete Personal Information Manager with full
Schedule, Task, Contact, Note, and Journal Support. Features found
in only the high-end Time and Contact Managements Systems, only at a
much lower price.

Registry Workshop 2.6.0
More Details
An advanced registry editor which allows you to connect
to the Windows Mobile device registry via the desktop
and ActiveSync

Wine Enthusiast Guide 2006 1.4
More Details
The premier mobile companion for choosing, evaluating, managing
and enjoying wine

80+ Windows Mobile 5 - TIPS & TRICKS 1.35
More Details
Essential Guide to 80+ Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Tips & Tricks!
Discover the secrets and hidden features of Microsoft’s newest
Mobile operating system (BONUS OFFER: Windows XP Tips & Tricks)

Petrol Usage 2.0
More Details
PetrolUsage features a set of handy tools to enable you to
manage petrol usage of vehicles, related costs, and appointments

eWallet Professional 4.1
More Details
Safely keep your passwords, PINs, credit card numbers,
and all the other information you need.

IM+ ICQ/AOL/MSN/Yahoo/Jabber/GoogleTalk 4.16
More Details
IM+® Instant Messenger is a complete messaging solution that
combines the most popular IM systems MSN®, Yahoo!®, AOL, ICQ®,
Jabber® and Google® Talk.

Kai's Outlook Cleaner.Net 5.8
More Details
OutlookCleaner provides an easy to use interface to delete old or
expired entries from various Outlook functions.

InfoShare List Manager 1.3
More Details
Create, Share, Access and Synchronize lists, notes, tasks
and more from anywhere at anytime. Sync between desktops
and Windows Mobile devices wirelessly.

Wi-Fi Companion 2.8
More Details
The Essential Wi-Fi Connection Management Tool. Easy-to-use,
icon-driven features, advanced tools to monitor key network
parameters via Ping and Trace Route. - Tested by Steve

alarmToday 2.50
More Details
alarmToday - Your complete alarm control center, never overlook or
overhear an alarm again. See all upcoming alarms, create recurring
MP3 alarms, quick alarm notes and have alarms repeat.

Agile Messenger 3.xx Beta
More Details
Agile Messenger is an Instant Messenger for your mobile telephone supporting
ICQ®, AIM®, Yahoo!®, MSN®, QQ® and Wireless Village®
This is commercial software but is FREE during the beta.

MySportTraining GPS 1.04
More Details
If you're using a GPS receiver with your Pocket PC, record your
workouts in MySportTraining, see the routes you took and add
your own pushpins (points of interests) to the maps! Requires
MySportTraining 3.96 or newer, and a GPS receiver

MxCalc Combo 1.2
More Details
MxCalc 12c programmable Financial Calculator and
MxCalc SE Unit and Currency Converter at a 20% Discount.

RSSToGo 1.5
More Details
RSS puts the information you want... where you want it, when you want it.
RSSToGo puts all that information in the palm of your hand in the simplest
most intuitive RSS reader for Windows Mobile users. If you want ready
access to news, weather, sports, traffic, podcasts, or any other
personal interest topic anytime, anywhere then RSSToGo is a must-have
for your mobile software portfolio.

Softick Card Export II
More Details
Card Export II PPC emulates industry standard USB Mass Storage
device on Windows Mobile or Pocket PC handhelds. Insert your Pocket PC
into the cradle or connect to USB cable.After a few seconds desktop drivers
automatically mount cards on the PDA as a logical disk.
Much Faster than ActiveSync!

Kai's Holiday Viewer.Net 5.5
More Details
Lists holidays from around the world. More than 45 holidays
and remembrance days per country.

Nomad Media Inventory 3.1
More Details
Media Inventory v3 is a personal media inventory database. You
can store information about movies, musical albums or books you
own or you have rented.
TimeRule 1.0
More Details
TimeRule is a Today plug-in, which enables you to see the time passed from,
or up to, any important event on your Today Screen. A unique timer.

More Details
StyleTap allows you to run most software applications originally
developed for Palm OS devices.

PocketHolidays 2.0
More Details
A holiday databank for all countries and religions of the world.
PocketHolidays program will let you effectively schedule your
trip to any country of the world. This application will remind
you of upcoming holidays, and it will let you enhance your
cultural awareness by researching the origin of a holiday
and comparing it to other holiday customs of the world.

PocketClock 1.5
More Details
PocketClock is a multifunctional clock/alarm/timer/stopwatch
utility that enables the user to measure time in almost
unlimited ways.

SprintDB Pro+Printing 3.0
More Details
SprintDB Pro is the next evolutionary step in the quest for
a truly versatile and powerful pocket database application.
The Plus Printing Edition allows you to Print your tables
and forms directly from your Treo 700 to many supported
printers via Infrared, Serial and BlueTooth. Desktop
companion available.
-- Confirmed by Mike B.

HandyBar 2.4
More Details
The most powerful Today plug-in, to your favorite applications
and documents, PocketPC settings, Indicators, and much more.

Math Tablet 2.1
More Details
Programmable math analysis software for scientists and
engineers. Supports RPN entry, graphing, complex numbers,
matrices, unit conversions, statistics, and non-linear equations.
--Tested by John H.

Database 4 All 2.4
More Details
Database 4 All is an uncomplicated and professional solution
that makes it easy to create custom database solutions in minutes

mVoiceMail WM 1.0
More Details
Check your office voicemails while on the go and
play audio files attached to your e-mail messages.

Times Standard 1.0
More Details
Times has been specifically designed so that you can keep a
day-to-day record of time spent with clients. Times provides
an accurate and efficient method of time keeping which can be
used for invoicing, reporting or exporting to other systems.
This software is ideal for professionals who run multiple projects
for a range of clients and charge by the hour.

MoviGanizer 2.0
More Details
MoviGanizer is a database tool that will allow you to easily keep
record of your entire movie library with great practical details.

KeyPlus for Pocket PC Suite 1.1
More Details
You can use KeyPlus to securely store the following information:
Usernames and passwords, Credit card and bank account information,
Confidential contact lists, Memberships, PIN numbers, and much more

Pocket 10B SE Business Calculator 2.00
More Details
Full functionalities of the most popular business/financial
calculator HP-10B/HP-10BII, with a few pluses. Improved data entry.
Labeled output. Extra annunciators to guide your keystrokes all the way.
More cash flow groups. And faster......

Navio for Pocket PC 3.12
More Details
Navio gives you access to all the information from your GPS receiver on
your Pocket PC 2002/2003/WM5 device or Windows computer.

1-Calc 2.3.1
More Details
1-Calc is a revolutionary new calculator for the
Pocket PC. It uses big buttons you can easily hit
with your finger. The buttons provide clear audible
& visual feedback of being pressed. It has been designed
to be your "everyday" calculator that you can
quickly pick up & use for a few basic calculations.

More Details
Calculate Loan, Lease, Savings and APR/APY in
one application. Compare all scenarios and make
decision.A must have tool to negotiate payments.

VoiceDial 2.1 w
More Details
VoiceDial 2.1 enables you to place calls by name/number.
Speak the name or number - VoiceDial 2.1 does the rest.
VoiceDial 2.1 supports BlueTooth.

Contact-ing 2.0
More Details
Complete Today Screen Contact Management Solution.
Access your adressbook using photos or a list.
Filter Contacts by Category or Company.
Direct Phone support Included.

PocketZIP 3.0
More Details
PocketZIP allows you to work with compressed
Zip files on your Windows Mobile device.

RMRBank - Personal Accounts 2.1
More Details
RMRBank is a very comprehensive finance package
available for the Windows Mobile series of platforms.

RMRInvest - Investment Tracker 2.1
More Details
RMRInvest allows you to keep track of the performance
of multiple portfolios of shares, stocks or bonds.

RMRExpenses - Expense Account 2.1
More Details
This program allows you to keep track of your
Expenses Accounts

PocketOne Stopwatch 1.6.1
More Details
A Pocket PC stopwatch and countup countdown
timer for your Pocket PC

Pocket 12C SE Financial Calculator 1.61
More Details
The best financial calculator for Pocket PC now supports
square screen devices.

HandySwitcher 2.7
More Details
This program allows you to manage the running tasks on
your PocketPC. Close unwanted programs or switch to
another running one.

Project-ing 1.04a
More Details
Innovative project management solution.
Project-ing was designed to run along side your
existing Pocket Outlook programs including the
built-in Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts or next
to the Full Fledged PIM replacements such as
Ulti-Planner, PI, AF, PB, or others. A new
way to look at your data.

Treo Tips and Tricks 1.00
More Details
Get the most out of your new Treo 700w Windows
Mobile Phone, with over 40 tips, tricks, and

PocketTip 1.1
More Details
Eating out in a company of your closest friends can
be fun and easy with your personal helper - PocketTip,
which enables you to calculate the size of your tip
and the amount each of your friends has to pay
according to the check total.

Nesrsoft VAssist 1.30
More Details
Arabic Voice Assistant enables user to dial contacts
using voice, show paryer times,battery ,memory, show
next appointments and launch applications using voice,
now works inside car perfectly.

RMRFuel (WM Fuel Consumption Tracker 2.1
More Details
This program allows you to track the fuel consumption
and expenses for a number of vehicles. It also allows
you to set reminders for servicing, safety checks etc.
It is fully configurable, allowing entry and/or display
in miles/kilometers and litres/gallons(UK or US).

RMRTask(WM) - Extended ToDo Manager 2.1
More Details
This program is intended as a comprehensive 'ToDo'
manager to replace the rather limited Task manager
that comes with your pocket pc.

SciCalc 2.2.5
More Details
Scientific calculator and unit converter with
large display and intuitive user interface.

Pocket 15C SE Scientific Calculator 1.22
More Details
RPN scientific calculator for Pocket PC

SMath Studio 0.41
More Details
Mathematical program with "paper"-like
interface and numerous computing features.

Fizz Traveller 2.2
More Details
Times & Weather for 58,000 cities,

Davis's Drug Guide with Auto-Updates 2.1
More Details
Best-selling drug reference for use on the go.
Access your Drug Guide on the Web using a desktop
computer or an internet-enabled device such as
Treo or BlackBerry!

NiX Tip Calc:Pocket PC 5.0
More Details
A quick and easy way to calculate a tip
on a bill, and split the bill among up
to 14 people

Spb Finance 2.4
More Details
Spb Finance is a personal financial manager that
can be used as a standalone expense tracker or as an
automatically synchronizing pocket companion for
MS Money and Intuit Quicken

Tube 2 Boston V1.0
More Details
Boston subway & rail map with quickest route finder.
Displays superb animated visuals of your routes
(** Reguires Free Tube 2 Engine More Details

WorldMate 2006 Professional 4.1
More Details
WorldMate provides you with essential information for your
business travel - from world clocks and weather forecasts
to comprehensive flight and travel information.

Agenda Fusion 7.85
More Details
Manage your schedule, contacts, tasks,
notes and projects better and easier.
Manage time like a pro.

MxCalc 12c - Financial Calculator 1.2
More Details
Programmable Financial Calculator performing the most
complex & detailed financial calculations.

Treo 700: Premium Today Themes
More Details
Over 300 Top Premier Today Themes for the Treo 700

DayNotez PPC Desktop Edition 1.0.5
More Details
Journaling application with Windows desktop
This product includes a Windows desktop companion
that allows you to view, edit, delete, archive,
and print your DayNotez entries. True one-step
synchronization with your Pocket PC device.

Pocket Luach Deluxe 1.15.00
More Details
A Jewish Calendar for the Pocket PC and
Windows Mobile 2005

More Details
The simplest and fastest way to create memos and reminders on your Pocket PC

Calligrapher v8.2
More Details
Four input methods in one: Write Pad and Write Anywhere handwriting recognition
input panels, on-screen keyboard with auto-complete, and PenCommander.

Battery Pack Pro v2.1.3
More Details
View battery life, storage cards, launch apps, keep your system optimized & adjust
brightness on your today page.

Egress (RSS Feeds) v2.4.2
More Details
Egress is an advanced yet easy to use application which displays your favorite RSS/ATOM feeds directly on your PocketPC. Now supports Podcasting!

More Details
FlexWallet enables you to securely store and carry any type of information on your
PocketPC, including bank accounts, credit cards, calling cards, passwords, PINs,
documents, ideas

More Details
A powerful tab based today screen plugin that allows you to create shortcuts to
your favorite Pocket PC programs on your Today screen, battery and memory meters
and much more.

More Details
With IM+, the most popular instant-messaging systems MSN, AOL, ICQ,Yahoo!,
Jabber and Google Talk are available on your Pocket PC.

More Details
Info2Go is an extremely powerful, location based active information system
for people on the go. Save time, money and frustration wile you travel by
having a single point of info.

Laridian Bible
More Details
Powerful, award-winning Bible software with the complete text of the
popular New International Version (NIV) Bible.

Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide 2006
More Details
Instantly transform your handheld into the most up-to-date, comprehensive
and reliable movie guide around

Marsware Weather Panel
More Details
Display the current weather and forecast on your Today Screen.

Mobipocket Reader (Free)
More Details
eReader for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Edition software allows
you to read your eBooks whenever you want and wherever you go.

MyPersonalDiet v1.14
More Details
Manage your weight, fitness and health by defining, tracking and
monitoring your own diet and nutrients that matter to you.

More Details
Get the latest headlines, weather, sports, business, and entertainment
news wirelessly on your Pocket PC.

Novii Remote Deluxe v3.5
More Details
Operate your home theater, TV set, Cable/Sat box, DVD/CD, Audio, VCR, etc.

More Details
PdaNet turns your Windows Mobile Smartphone or PocketPC Phone into a
high speed Wireless Modem for your Laptop or PC.

PhatNotes v4.6
More Details
PhatNotes is an award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows
Powered Pocket PCs, Desktop PCs and Palm OS powered mobile devices.

PhatPad v3.0
More Details
Highest Rated Note-Taking Application for Windows Mobile Software
Includes Customizable Toolbar, Photo Backgrounds and More

Pocket Informant
More Details
Pocket Informant is a PIM replacement for the PocketPC platform.

More Details
A Today plug-in that replaces your built-in Calendar and Tasks on your
Today screen, offering a much more powerful solution.

Pocket Quicken
More Details
Pocket Quicken places your financial activity at your fingertips making
it easy to keep your Quicken information complete, accurate and up-to-date
wherever you go.

Pocket Weather
More Details
Get weather forecast to your Pocket PC. Including both a Today screen
plugin and the new WeatherConsole application!

Pocket Stocks Live
More Details
Track stocks or mutual funds traded on NASDAQ, NYSE, Amex etc. Enjoy latest
news headlines and market commentary in radio and TV!

Remote Display Control (Free)
More Details

More Details
RepliGo allows you to transfer, view, and print any PC-based document
on your Pocket PC.

Resco File Explorer
More Details
This advanced File Explorer can compress files with build-in ZIP,
encrypt files, view registry, view text and image files...

SmallMenu (Free)
More Details
SmallMenu is an integrated tool which combines cascading program
menus, a task manager and a battery monitor.

Spb Diary
More Details
Today plug-in for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Messages.
Powerful replacement for the standard Today plug-ins for appointments and tasks.
Most of actions performed on the Today screen

Spb GPRS Monitor
More Details
A unique utility for measuring your GPRS connection and calculating
its traffic and costs.

Spb Pocket Plus
More Details
Task manager. Powerful Today plug-in with tabs. Close button that
really closes, etc.

Spb Weather
More Details
Spb Weather is a powerful weather Today plug-in. You can customize
weather views, skins and weather sources. You can save your Today
screen space running Spb Weather as a tab of Spb Pocket Plus 2.5+

SOTI Pocket Controller
More Details
Operate your Pocket PC or Smartphone from your desktop computer,
video recording,capture/print screens,skins,DOS,battery/memory usage

Sprite BackUp
More Details
Sprite Backup 5.0 for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC. The ulitmate
backup solution from the award winning Sprite Software Ltd

Space Reclaimer v2.5.4
More Details
The only Microsoft Certified Pocket PC cleaner. Safe and robust.

SplashID v3.32
More Details
Secure personal identification organizer for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Sunnysoft Backup Manager v3.7
More Details
A highly sophisticated backup application for Pocket PC.

WebIS Mail2
More Details
Email application with superior interface and options including
GMail, SSL, POP3, IMAP support.

More Details
Ultimate Calculator combines all of the features of
other calculators in one.

Tube 2 Engine (Free)
More Details
Animated subway & metro maps with quickest route finder.
Click Here for List of Available Cities: More Details
(Scroll down the page)
** Maps are sold seperately

Lexisgoo English Dictionary
More Details
The first speaking english dictionary with 182,000
entries, 4100 idioms, Thesaurus, Grammar Handbook and
Study Assistant

PocketStreamer Pro
More Details
LIVE streaming TV, radio, music, news and weather.

X-Play Studio
More Details
Now you can play MP3 and DivX files directly from
your desktop PC and watch them wirelessly on your
Pocket PC. Even TV with a tuner card.

MySportTraining 3.95
More Details
Track your workouts, view your performance, improve
your fitness. Full-featured, powerful yet simple.

Mobitools For PocketPC v3.3
More Details
Mobitools is a small application which helps you to
perform quickly Turn Off, Screen Off, Soft reset,
Task manager, Screen capture and Smart Launcher.

XCPUScalar 2005 2.93
More Details
Speed your XScale Pocket PC upto 728Mhz, save
battery life. Supports Display Off for MP3's,
Auto Scale, CPU Meter.

phoneAlarm 1.30.03
More Details
Your complete communication center, never overlook
a missed call, voicemail, email or SMS again.

RMRCar Company Car Manager 2.1
More Details
A Company Car (Vehicles) Manager

Ringo Mobile 1.2
More Details
Add fun and flexibility to your ringtones
Ringo Mobile makes it easy to change ring and
message tones, and set tones for friends and groups.

More Details
Timekeeper is a customizable high-resolution stop watch
for Pocket PC. Packaged with unique activity skins,
Timekeeper allows you to time a relay, clock a chess match,
and more...

PocketNotes:Like Outlook Notes 3
More Details
Create notes just like Microsoft Outlook.
Associate notes with color, categories. Sort by date,
color, categories and filter by categories.
Supports manual sycronization with MS Outlook

TapText 1.3
More Details
A whole new way of adding text to your notes, e-mails,
or documents.

PTvncWM5.x V1.1
More Details
PTvncWM5.x will allow you to control your PC from
your Pocket PC over Bluetooth/WiFi wireless
networks across the Internet.

HanDBase Professional Database Mgr-PPC 3.5
More Details
HanDBase 3.5, the award winning mobile relational database,
with 2 way Sync conduit, forms designer and MS Access sync.

NOVOSEC SMARTFilter - Professional 1.3
More Details
NOVOSEC SMARTFilter Professional gives you the
freedom to decide who can call you and who
will be blocked.

More Details
Use your voice to place calls to anyone in your
contact list. Version 2.0 adds digit dialing &
voice commands no teaching is necessary.
Just press one key.

xBar 3
More Details
xBar allows you to switch between applications
in memory like your Windows computer, allows you
to close tasks, copy/paste text, schedule tasks
(wake up with your favorite MP3 !) automate some
tasks with the Macro manager,run your favorite
programs using only the DPAD.

RMRDiet (WM) - Diet/Weight/Exercise 2.1
More Details
RMRDiet allows you to monitor your food intake, weight
and exercise programme as part of a combined weight
loss program.

Pocket Stock Monitor 5.01
More Details
Get stock quotes and monitor the stock markets
on your Pocket PC - at work, on the road or at home!
A must have for every Pocket PC user that invests!

HanDBase Enterprise Database Mgr 3.5
More Details
Boost Your Productivity. Mobilize your important data
with HanDBase!

MySportTraining Food 1.24 Plug-In
More Details
The perfect extension to MySportTraining to
track your food and maintain a balanced diet.
(Requires MySportTraining 3.95)

PocketStreamer DELUXE:Entertainment 360 1.2
More Details
Energize your Pocket PC with LIVE streaming TV,
radio, music, news, short movies and weather.
Have a live entertainment center in your hands!
(This special version fits 240x240 screen)

IP Dashboard Network Monitor 1.9
More Details
Manage your wireless network connection from your
Today Screen. Includes IP info, DHCP, Ping, graphs,
meters, network profiles, and more!

Pocket Player 2.72
More Details
Pocket Player 2.7 is an alternative music player
for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC, featuring playback
of common audio formats such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA,
and WAV files.

SwellDisk For WM5 1.8.5
More Details
Enlarge memory cards 300 percent

HandyLauncher 3.4
More Details
This software gives you fast and easy access to your
most used programs, documents, images, files,
... anything.

VITO ButtonMapper 3.9
More Details
Assign 2 actions to each button, enable application
specific bindings and stylus tap emulation and more!

MyRunningLog 2.12
More Details
Track your running (or aerobic) workouts and
improve your fitness.

scanR Whiteboards w
More Details
scanR Whiteboards w turns your Treo into
a mobile whiteboard scanner.

PFlashP - Pocket Flash Player 2.0.0
More Details
PFlashP - Pocket Flash Player is a tool that
will help you to play macromedia files (.swf)
on your Pocket PC.

NewPod-SQ Windows Media Player Skin 1.0
More Details
NewPod-SQ is an iPod look-alike skin designed
for square screen (480x480 or 240x240) devices
powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Read more!

Friday, March 24, 2006


BrickGenius 1.10
More Details
BrickGenius is a sequel to the original BrickSlider
from Ballshooter Games with 50 brain storming levels,
multiplayer game support and many types of bricks and
bonuses. - Tested by Steve

Gyroid - Extreme Space Shooter 1.0
More Details
Guide your lonely Gyroid fighter through the solar system
and defeat the alien invaders. - Tested by Steve

Sea Battle - Strategic naval warfare 1.0
More Details
Sea Battle is the classic naval battle game for your Treo 700w.
- Tested by James

3D Air Combat Game Pack 1.0f
More Details
Great collection for air combat and flight simulation fans.
Includes 3D Mini-Dogfight 1.5v and 3D Mini-Jetfight 1.2v
Save $10 off the regular price with this bundle.

Fast Sudoku v1.0
More Details
Fast Sudoku - The game of centuries, with friendly interface and
so many smart and convenient features, will help you to relax and
explore the matrix of logic. -- Tested by Steve

Desert War 1940-42 1.0
More Details
Command the British Eight Army or the German Afrika Corps in the
battles across North Africa from 1940 to 1942.

GoldMinerJoe 1.0
More Details
Collect gold nuggets, explore mines and use dynamite to
reveal secrets in this cartoon-style game. -- Tested by Steve

MTeam 1.0
More Details
Help the M-Team super heroes fight their way through to
the alien home planet Beedula, where the loathsome,
intergalactic warlord gradiobeed commands his army
of alien invaders. -- Tested by Steve

The Travel Collection 1.8
More Details
A masterful compilation of six board games including Chess,
Checkers, Reversi, 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, 4 In A Row, and Dots.
Now with Internet Play.

Volleyball 1.2
More Details
Very addictive and fun Volleyball game with multiplayer mode,
Windows Mobile 5.0, square-screen and Treo 700W devices support.

Blackjack Expert 1.34
More Details
Play Blackjack with advanced casino options AND learn to count cards
at the same time. Teaches you card counting techniques while playing
against the computer.

Blackjack Counter and Expert 1.2
More Details
Blackjack Counter and Expert together for $50... over 25% off
the separate price.

Across Lite Mobile 1.0.3
More Details
With Across Lite Mobile you can complete crossword puzzles
on your device anytime, anywhere.

BrainGym 1.2
More Details
Train your brain with 3-in-1 game. Train you logic with Sudoku,
Pentamino, Cube. Get comics rewards for solving the puzzles.

Pentamino 1.2
More Details
Improve you geometrical thinking in this professionaly made puzzle game.

Sudoku Pro 1.2
More Details
Professionaly solve sudoku puzzles in this professionaly made sudoku game.

3D Color Cube 1.2
More Details
Play the professoinaly made world famous color cube game.

More Details
JACK OR 100 WAYS TO BARBECUE is a 2D platform game which brings
to you the fun of "jump & run" and a lot of brain excercise while
solving delicate logical problems. -- Tested by Steve

Joker's Quest II 1.02
More Details
Ryper is back and his mind is full with only one thing: Revenge.
That's Joker's Quest II - the second episode of the funny
action strategy game.

JewelHunter 1.04
More Details
Hunt for jewels through more than 120 leves in five
mysteriuos worlds with Sarah or Johnny, use your brain
and combine it with quick reflexes - that's JewelHunter(TM)

Chess Genius 1.9
More Details
Popular world class chess, now for the Treo 700. ChessGenius is
packed with features for beginners and experts. Superb playing
strength. The author's chess programs have won ten world

Multiplayer Championship Series
More Details
The ultimate multiplayer gaming pack! Texas Hold'em, Chess and Backgammon,
online against real people or offline against the best AI opponents.
Stunning graphics in a league of their own.

Pocket Mini Golf 2
More Details
Pocket Mini Golf 2 features a massive variety of holes, including
fairways, rough, sand pits, beaches, loads of interesting objects
to negotiate and much much more... lots of expansion packs too.
--Submitted by Greg who also gets a reward for his contribution

Resco Sokoban 1.0
More Details
Sokoban means warehouse keeper in Japanese. The object of the game is
to push boxes into their correct position in a crowded warehouse with
a minimal number of pushes and moves. The boxes can only be pushed,
never pulled, and only one can be pushed at a time. It sounds easy,
but the levels range from very easy to extremely difficult,
some takes hours and even days to figure out. The simplicity and
elegance of the rules have made Sokoban one of the most popular
logic games.

AquaForce for Windows Mobile1.1
More Details
Take the ultimate deep underwater adventure with the original
AuqaForce shooter game for your Pocket PC. Save the last hope of the
human race when you take on Pluto (the underwater robot king) and
its robot armies! A storage card is highly recommended due to program
size. -- Submitted by Pam C.

Space Balls 1
More Details
Experience classic gameplay with this extremely addictive and
fun to play arcade puzzle game ! The game is simple but your goal is not;
defend your planetoid by blasting all coloured space balls into oblivion.
-- tested by Rob P.

Bubble Shooter 1.02
More Details
Beware, it's addictive! Bubble Shooter is a cool game with
simple rules and great wealth of combinations and strategies.
The goal is to explode all the bubbles before they overflow
the board. It takes the best from Tetris, Arcanoid, Pool adding
new and cool features. You gain points after each successful shot,
otherwise more bubbles appear on the board. Different skill levels
are available, everybody from kids to quantum scientists will have fun.

Spb Bubbles 1.1
More Details
The Pocket PC realisation of the well-known classic "bubble" game.

Spb Arkaball II 1.1
More Details
Spb Arkaball II is a Pocket PC remake of the classic Arkanoid game.

Sudoku Master 1.55
More Details
The ultimate SuDoku. A BILLION+ puzzles, Battery Saver,
advanced pencil marks, customization, statistics, picture boards
& more. Play in French, Spanish, Italian & German too.

Astrology & Horoscope Pro 1.0
More Details
A professional program which uses astrology to
advice you about matchmaking by sign, your 2006
horoscope, detailed zodiac sign analysis and
numerology by your birthdate/birthday.

Personality Psychology Pro 1.41
More Details
Personality Psychology Pro is a huge pack of
personality tests and games presented in a
pleasant/funny way.

Hand Reading Pro 1.1
More Details
This hand reading software will guide you to
self-understanding with many simple and entertaining
image tests. Also you can find our how much you are
compatible with your partner.

3D Ten Pin Bowling 1.0f
More Details
Dazzling graphics featuring colorful bowling alleys inspired
by musical genres. Realistic and cartoon bowlers, each animated
with unique expressions. Real-time 3D camera view and pin

Juggler 1.17
More Details
If you are looking for something new, Juggler is the one
is for you! A new twist in puzzle games that you’ll have
trouble putting down.

Who Said That? 2.2
More Details
Who Said That? is a fast-paced trivia game
that will challenge even the most knowledgeable
film buff. Try to identify over a thousand memorable
quotes from all of your favorite movies,
including comedies, dramas, action/adventures
and film classics

4Pinball 1.5
More Details
Addictive, Challanging and Great Fun with fast,
smooth, vertically scrolling hi-colour tables

Multiplayer Championship Chess 1.27
More Details
Multiplayer Championship Chess is the strongest
Chess game ever created for a PDA with an AI rated
above Grand Master. Features stunning graphics and
the ability to play over the Internet.

Aces Tournament Timer - Texas Hold'em 1.0.6
More Details
Run your home game or tournament using the new
Aces Tournament Timer. It has a large timer which
will show you exactly how much time is left before
the blinds go up. It also shows what the current
blinds are and what the next set of blinds will be.

Rampart Chess 2.4
More Details
A great chess program featuring a world-class chess engine,
easy-to-use interface, and eye-popping graphics.

MotoGear 1.4
More Details
MotoGear is a bike simulation game, it is
mobile Elastomania. Online ladder server for
records, compete against other people for
fastest level time

Sensible Sudoku 1.1
More Details
A fun and carefully designed Sudoku with a
great interface, elegant audio and
enjoyable gameplay!

Atomic Battle Dragons
More Details
Joust to save the kingdom in an epic battle riding dragons and slaying beasts.

Atomic Cannon v2.5
More Details
Ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction.

More Details
The official version of the classic Battleship naval combat game.

More Details
Incredibly popular and addictive online game by PopCap

Bejeweled 2
More Details
The legend has returned...and is more wildly addictive than ever before

Checkers Pro
More Details
Revisit this classic and learn Flying Kings.

Chess Pro
More Details
Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay.

Chroma Games
More Details
A great triple pack of classic board games

More Details
Chuzzles are googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle,
squeak, and sneeze as you push them across the board.

Crazy Daisy
More Details
Spin the flowers to match the colored petals and watch them pop!

Cribbage Pro
More Details
Race to the finish with this classic.

Concrete Software’s Aces Texas Hold ‘Em v1.3.1.1
More Details
Play the original, award winning Texas Holdem poker game.

Cubis (Free on Treo 700w CD)
More Details
Cubis - the next generation puzzle game

Euchre Pro
More Details
Master your game using detailed history and statistics.

Five Hundred Pro
More Details
Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay.

Gin Pro
More Details
Discard and Knock your way to win.

Hearts Pro
More Details
Embrace the Queen and shoot the moon.

Jackpot Casino
More Details
3D casino with blackjack, roulette and two slot machines.

More Details
Powerful jigsaw puzzle for 240x240 Windows Mobile devices.

More Details
Beautiful space breakout for 240x240 Windows Mobile devices.
A must for Arkanoid fans.

Motocross 3-D Mini Sports Bike
More Details
Full screen motocycle racing!Support Windows Mobile 5.0
and Square Screen.

My Little Tank
More Details
Hours of fun and Minature Tank Mayhem.

Spades Pro
More Details
Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay

More Details
A version of the puzzle craze that's become a worldwide phenomenon.

Super Slyder
More Details
Guide your spherical hero through a wealth of brain-teasing mazes
filled with obstacles, friends and foes

Super Wild Wild Words
More Details
Ready to rustle up some words?

Text Twist
More Details
Text Twist! is a great word game created by GameHouse

More Details
Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma in this action puzzler

Myst PPC
More Details
The classic Myst for the Pocket PC with the original
rich graphics, sounds and music.

CrazySoft PaintBall
More Details
Palm OS best seller on your PPC

Blitzkrieg: War in Europe 1.5
More Details
Great graphics and really good AI opponents will make
you play this World War II strategy game for hours.

3D Mini-Dogfight (Air Combat ) 1.5f
More Details
Dogfight Head-To-Head, Enjoy Together!
Support Windows Mobile 5.0 and Square Screen.

Acky's XP Breakout 3.1
More Details
Blast your way through 150 powerful levels in
the ultimate arkanoid game.

3D Nine Hole Golf 1.0f
More Details
The most realistic 3D golf simulation!
Support Windows Mobile 5.0 and Square Screen.

Aces Blackjack 1.0.4
More Details
Blackjack with a twist! Play conventional
Blackjack or one of two high score games
- Aces Time Crunch or Aces Hand Challenge

3D Chopper Fight 1.1f
More Details
Command the suburban arena armed with your zippy
remote control helicopter.

3D Mini-Jetfight (Air Combat) 1.2f
More Details
Modern air combat with famous jet fighters.

pocketWords 1.20
More Details
pocketWords - Crossword , Scrabble® and Anagram
solutions in the palm of your hand

Spb AirIslands 1.1
More Details
Be owner of a small island. Build it up enjoying
excellent graphics (qVGA Portrait, qVGA Square
and VGA supported), nice sounds and original game concept.
Enjoy 3 mini-games included!

Lejjo 2.15
More Details
Get lejjo to the finish line using gravity
and your wits. Unique graphics and gameplay.

Pocket War 1.71
More Details
Pocket War is a strategic turn-based war game much
like the old Empire games. It was built from the
ground up to work well on any sized device.

3D Owen's Monster Truck 1.1f
More Details
Plow down rivals and tear through obstacles
with your roaring monster truck. A fantastic
racing game with splendid graphics and loads
of high speed fun!

3D Speed City 1.1f
More Details
Play the 3D street racing game. Feel the pulse of
Speed City

3D Mini-Aquabike (Watercraft Racing) 1.1f
More Details
Cool Splashes, Hot Pursuit!

Read more!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Exclusive Treo 700w Discounts

We have made special arrangements with PocketGear to offer an exclusive discount to all Treo 700w users who sign up to receive our email newsletter.

Members will receive a Permanent 5 Percent Discount on ALL software at PocketGear anytime they purchase using the links on this website or contained within the email newsletter.

NOTE: The 5 percent discount CANNOT be applied to products that are already on sale such as those in the Special Discounts section and applies only to products on PocketGear.

This means that the software listed here is on sale ALL the time for newsletter members!

Additionally, list members will be notified of Special Rebates on select software from time to time. These rebates will apply IN ADDITION to any other sale prices or discounts.

You will receive complete instructions including the special code in the NEXT ISSUE of the weekly newsletter after the date you joined.

As always, your email is confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone.

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