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Friday, August 18, 2006

Treo 700 Software Update

Treo 700 EnthusiastThis website was built to help you solve the
Treo 700w "240x240 Dilema".

As a new Treo 700w user myself, I wanted to have a one-stop resource at my fingertips that could help me quickly locate and evaluate quality sofware that fit and worked well on my 240x240, WM5 PDA. None was available so I decided to build this list and make it available to all Treo 700w users online.

When it comes to Treo 700w software, this site has gone all out to provide you with a full, Updated List of compatible products and informed opinions supported by a combination of well researched information and, in most cases, actual use of the product.

My aim in creating this site is to save you time, money and effort in your search for the best performing, Treo 700w compatible software.

My sincere hope is that this resource will help those who genuinely want to become informed Treo 700w shoppers.

Even though the list is very long and may be a little confusing at the moment, over time I will organize it better so that you can find what you're looking for more easily. My Rants and Raves reviews will help you weed out the bad products from the good and eliminate the stuff that simply does not perform well on the Treo 700w.

For even greater convenience, join the email list and receive an update in your inbox each week that features a synopsis of all the latest software added to the blog during the previous week.

As of today, this website lists 269 Commercial Software Programs including games and applications for your Treo 700w and other square screen, WM5.0 PDA's.

Additionally, it has 19 Free Software Programs and we hope that you will contribute your own verified links to make the list of Free Treo 700w software grow large over time.

All commercial software listed on this website has been confirmed by the software developers themselves as being Treo 700w, square screen compatible. If you check their product listings, you should see a reference to that fact. Otherwise, we have confirmed it by other means.

All freeware software is user tested. We also test it before posting it here.

We're working hard to make this the most comprehensive and reliable list on the Internet. So if you know of any software not listed here that you have verified works on the Treo 700w or other square screen device that you'd like to see included here or if you've had screen compatibility issues with any of this software, visit the Contact Page and send me an email.

Any software you purchase as a result of clicking on the links on this website benefits the software developer and contributes to the continued development and maintenance of the list. If you find this website worthy and would like to see it grow, please consider using the links presented here to buy the product.

Visit this spot daily to find out what's new for you to do with your Treo 700w.

Recent Additions:
Products listed here have recently
been found to work correctly on
the Treo 700w

Acquasys RetroActive 1.4
More Details
Acquasys RetroActive is an innovative journal/diary
application that synchronizes data with Outlook Journal
and, among many other features.
--Tested by Steve

Cake Press 1.0
More Details
Cake Press is a new multiplayer tetris-style
arcade game for mobile devices which requires
Bluethooth connection for real-time play with
several players! --Tested by Steve

PocketBowling 2.3
More Details
The PocketBowling game is similar to Bowling,
one of the most popular and classical games.
Different function modes (Stroke, Arcade and Swing)
enable you to enjoy the true physical laws when
throwing the ball. --Tested by Steve

SKY FORCE Reloaded 1.0
More Details
Ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive
objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack .
If you like shooters like I do, don't miss this remake
of the original Sky Force. It's challenging and fun.
--Tested by Steve

NetFront v3.3 with JV-Lite2
More Details
Microbrowser NetFront v3.3 supports rich
functions such as Smart Frame Operation,
Web Data/Password Manager,RSS/Atom Feed
support and Multi-Window. Java applets
run with JV-Lite2 VM as Java plug-in.
--Tested by Steve

InterKey Standard 2.0
More Details
60 national onscreen keyboard layouts
--Tested by Steve

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